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Acting Camp

Instead of just letting your kids watch tv the whole summer, why don’t you let them try acting themselves? Enrolling a kid in an acting camp can be greatly beneficial especially to your kids. If you are still not convinced, take a look at this list:


First they get to experience firsthand how acting and theater/movies are made. A lot of kids get curious about what they watch on theaters and tv’s. Some even believe everything they see. Being able to see a bit of the process will help them understand a lot about the uses of media especially because they encounter them everyday.


Acting, film making and theater are all forms of art, thus, the ability to develop the artistic mind of whoever learns it would be present. In creating every performance, creativity will always be needed. Being a part of this would help develop the kid’s imagination and creative skills.


Acting, whether it takes place in a stage or filmed to be shown on the television, would always be viewed by a lot of people. Just the thought of people watching would tie some people’s stomach in knots. However, with regular practice, having fun, and sufficient exposure, the kids will eventually be at ease with performing in front of people and when they do, they will then be more confident with theirselves.

Social skills.

Being enrolled in an acting camp will let them meet a lot of new people and have to deal with them. An actor is also a team player, and throughout the camp, the kid will learn to deal with people and with being in a team. This will be something they will enjoy having learned throughout their life.

Everything else.

There are so much more if you try and think of advantages an acting camp can bring your kids. It may even give your kids inspiration for their future. They may even end up really wanting to pursue acting as their career in life. But the most important things they will get from that short time would be their experience, the memories of everything they did and the friends they had and still do.

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